And just like that, you increase revenue and brand loyalty.
The First Bankcard®–Affinity Solutions® program lets you do everything from customize a credit card to communicate with members to view earnings, all from the comfort of your computer.
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The heart of the Affinity Solutions program is the unique, self-service online portal.
It allows you to:

Generate extra revenue for your organization with an automated compensation plan.
Easily promote your card with customized campaigns, including direct mail, email and more.
Offer your members a competitive and secure rewards card.
Access reporting to track program performance.
Fully customize your credit card with your organization’s brand.
Access Affinity Solutions support, training videos and more.
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For more than 45 years, First Bankcard has issued credit cards on behalf of its partners. It’s a large part of what has helped us become one of the country’s top fifteen credit card issuers and serve more than 350 affinity, co-branded and agent bank partners. In fact, more than 80% of our accounts in 2015 were partner branded. That totals more than 5.5 million accounts and more than $5 billion in loans.

As a part of First National Bank of Omaha, we have the support of the largest privately owned bank in the nation, which has been recognized as one of America’s Best Banks by Forbes magazine for six consecutive years, from 2012 to 2017.